For Retailer Players, by Retailers

We are Category Management & Shoppers Behaviors Experts.

We marry retail and tech expertise to help our clients successfully navigate the growing complexity of retail.

Range strategies, Promotion Planning, Join Business Plans, Category Captainship, and Shopper Strategies … our job is to automate all the supporting processes and calculations to help teams save time, and take faster and better decisions for their Shoppers.

From data ingestion to automation, we build progressive implementation roadmaps that fit the maturity level of each of our clients' teams and organization.

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Our Purpose is to help Shoppers make
the most of each of their Shopping Trip

Executive Team

Who are we

We develop retail solution tools to help retailers and manufacturers continuously drive profitable growth and easily improve their commercial offering, from assortment to availability, from promotion to personalized engagement, so they can delight their customers at every trip.

Established in 2005 as a consulting boutique, we took the retail tech turn in 2015. Since then, our business is built on retail-expertise, data science and collaboration

Retail Expertise

After 20 years as a retailer and a retail consultant in Asia, Frederic Etienbled decided to built a magic retail system that could address the frustrations his clients, and himself, have been addressing in running retail operations: complexity, wasted time, lost sales and profit opportunities, unnecessary costs and  disappointed shoppers

Making sure that Marketers or a Retailers feels that our Platform exactly reflects their job and its steps, enable them to dot it way faster and with more accuracy so they can feel “confident, relaxed and safe” on their desktop or mobile,  continues to be the driving force of our developments and innovation.

We drive impressive efficiency gains through smart workflows and KPI, saving hundreds of worked hours every week

Retail is more complex than complicated. After all, it is just about buying and selling with a profit. Still, in a single store holding 20,000 products, there exists a staggering 310,000 potential decision opportunities on a daily basis to enhance customer satisfaction. Only a select few of these actions will yield measurable and substantial value. To discern these impactful actions and facilitate decision making, we leverage cutting-edge algorithms utilizing both machine learning and predictive analytics. The distinguishing feature of these algorithms lies in their incorporation of hundreds of parameters, which drive their effectiveness  to grow sales, profitability, and cash-flow.

Each hour saved, each costs reduced and each decision that delivers additional sales create additional opportunities to improve teams’ satisfaction for having made the right decisions, and Customers’ satisfaction for having made the most of  their shopping mission.

We deliver fast onboarding and unmatched  return on investment through  record performances in sales, profitability and cash flow improvements.
Data Science

Retail is a collaborative universe by essence. From Manufacturers to distributors,  retailers, communication partners, the retail value chain ingest a large variety of data and involves several teams along the way, both internally and externally. Each of the concerned Teams need both the ability to communicate in their language as in a common language.

As a Cloud-native solution provider, collaboration is at the heart of the solution we build. To develop scenarios, make decisions and measure performances, we make sure that any company can design its Collaboration models with security, speed and flexibility.

We drive unmatched growth through accelerated and better-informed business decisions by making the understanding of data, insights and patterns easy to understand and share.